Barossa in a bottle!

Thursday, 16 August 2012

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Château Tanunda, will be the first winery to embrace the new proprietary “Barossa” bottle after it was launched on Friday 27th July.
Château Tanunda’s 2010 MedleyGSM will appear on shelves across Australia in August, sporting the striking new livery.
Developed by the Vinpac International, the branded bottle was created in response
to demands from a number of Barossa winemakers for a package that was unique to the region.
“It is not uncommon to see proprietary bottles created, especially in the old wine regions
of Europe,” Château Tanunda General Manager, Mr Matthew McCulloch said. 

“It gives a permanent, timeless acknowledgment of the region and its contribution to the individuality of wines that come from there. Of all the Australian wine regions, the Barossa has led the way in establishing the important link between geography, history and wine style – particularly Barossa Shiraz and GSM blends."
“This special bottle takes branding to another level, and as the name Château Tanunda
has been associated with the Barossa for more than 120 years, we wanted to be one of the first touse the new package.  We want to make sure that we can assist in promoting the uniqueness of the Barossa wherever and whenever we can."
“When you travel overseas and see the thousands of different wine regions we compete against, it makes you very proud when the Barossa punches above its weight.  It continues to be the most recognised Australian wine region and this bottle will help to foster that,” he said.
Vinpac Packaging National Sales Manager, Ms Lisa Ashby said she was delighted that Château Tanunda had embraced the new bottle. “This is more than just another bottle,” she said. “It is a marketing tool which provides the region’s winemakers with an opportunity to attract more attention in the crowded wine market." 

"The stylised “Barossa” in debossed text, has been designed to create an immediate visual link for consumers between the area and its award-winning wines complements the other visual cues on the label and capsule. This is also a very tactile package which will engage customers at point of sale and in restaurants, which has been losing some ground to online sales in recent years."

“As a long-term supply partner, we understand that anything which encourages a customer to pause and reconsider a wine is valuable to our winery clients. Vinpac has been based in the Barossa for twenty years and we have developed this product for our many Barossa clients and others who want to create a point of difference.”

Lisa said that along with Château Tanunda, Murray Street Vineyards had also indicated their interest in the bottle. “This is fantastic, and we hope that with the support of these
two award winning wineries, we will see a majority of Barossa winemakers using the bottle to package and market their wine.”