Chateau Tanunda Strikes Liquid Gold in Eden Valley

Monday, 7 November 2016

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Château Tanunda Strikes Liquid Gold in Eden Valley


John Geber, Michelle Geber and

Neville Rowe (Winemaker) celebrate striking water. 


Press Release: For Immediate Release
Date: 11 July 2016

 Château Tanunda has discovered something as good as gold in the estate Matthews Road Vineyard in Eden Valley: Water. 

But it didn't come easy. 

After years of consultancy, geological mapping, and over 500m of drilling trials into the Eden Valley sandstone all , Château Tanunda was last week successful in striking a water table perfect for vineyard irrigation use. 

"There is no wine without water. In such a dry country as Australia where sun is in abundance, and the Barossa in particular, water is the critical factor in the success of a vineyard.  Finding a bore water source that is not only clean and in good quantity, but which is conveniently located just near our existing dam. "

"I can now realise my vision, planting the western side of the vineyard as an amphitheatre with the classic Bordeaux varieties, which I am convinced will make a new world Cabernet blend to rival the best Napa has to offer. This is a site destined for greatness and it is only possible thanks to this water breakthrough"

He continued: 

 "It is not about getting out the sprinklers. The water we have found will be enough to top up and manage vine stress at the most critical stages of the growing season. It will really take this vineyard to the next level, growing optimum quality grapes without stressing the vines, or me, worrying about the next rain"

"At first sight something so simple doesn't sound like a big deal, but we can weave some real magic with this vineyard now. This is huge " John said.