Huge Huon Hooke Results for Old Vines Series

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

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The latest Huon Hooke results have lauded praise on our premium Old Vines series of wines: 

Number 1 Barossa Shiraz tasted of vintage 2014 (100 Year Old Vines Shiraz 2014- 96 Points) and Number 1 Cabernet Sauvignon tasted of vintage 2013 (50 Year Old Vines Cabernet Sauvignon 2013- 93 Points).

Additionally, we were already previously recognized as the Number 1 Red Blend tasted of 2013 (150 Year Old Vines 1858 Field Blend- 97 Points).

We are overjoyed that our Old Vines series wines are being rated in the elite wines of Australia in only the first few vintages of the series.

August 2016 Reviews:

1.      2014 Château Tanunda The Château 100 Year Old Vines Shiraz


Ranked #1 of 62 2014 Shiraz tasted from Barossa Valley

Deep red with a good tint of purple. The bouquet is richly ripe blackberry and some overtones of smoky, sooty earthiness and a hint of dark chocolate. In the mouth, it's full-bodied and deep, not a blockbuster nor oaky, but has a fruit-sweet core. The ample tannins are quietly gripping and authoritative without any astringency. A lush, decadent and classical Barossa shiraz of superb quality. Long term. 20/5/2016

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2.      2012 Château Tanunda 50 Year Old Vines Shiraz


Ranked #24 of 140 2012 Shiraz tasted from Barossa Valley            

Deep red colour with a purple glint; the bouquet is rich dark chocolate and blood plum. The wine is full-bodied and softly fleshy, rich and deep, with density and grip and gravitas. Lovely wine in the typical Chateau Tanunda rich, fleshy, old-vine style. 20/5/2016

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3.      2013 Château Tanunda 50 Year Old Vines Cabernet Sauvignon


Ranked #1 of 17 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon tasted from Barossa Valley

Deep red colour with a faint tinge of purple. The bouquet is all about berries, raspberry and blackberry, the palate rich and fleshy, with ample tannins which are supple and yet persuasive. Good solid grip and aftertaste, and plenty of aging potential. 20/5/2016

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4.      2013 Château Tanunda The Château Single Vineyard Bethanian Shiraz


Ranked #25 of 99 2013 Shiraz tasted from Barossa Valley              

Deep red/purple colour and a generous, rich, ripe bouquet of earthy, sooty dark fruits and subtle chocolate, plus a lick of background spice. It's full-bodied and soft, nicely balanced and easy-going, with charm and harmony. The tannins cleanse and firm the finish, which rolls on and on. 20/5/2016

5.      2014 Château Tanunda Matthews Road Shiraz


Ranked #26 of 72 2014 Shiraz tasted from Barossa           

(Eden Valley) Deep red colour with a tinge of purple and a spicy, raspberry, slightly graphite aroma. The wine is soft and medium to full-bodied, with gentle tannins and fresh acidity which helps cleanse the finish. Good value. 20/5/2016