Wine Industry Network Advisor: Chateau Tanunda's New Focus in 130th Year

Monday, 9 March 2020

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Australia’s Château Tanunda: New Focus + New

Packaging + Total Revamp of U.S. Sales Staying

Nimble at 130 Years Young

By Editor -March 9, 2020

Barossa, Australia, March 9, 2020: Historic A-list Barossa winery Château Tanunda, poised to celebrate its 130th anniversary this year, has initiated a total revamp of U.S. operations. Changes include a leaner portfolio, tighter focus on higher-end wines, new packaging, and two new wine debuts. To bring these wines to market, Château Tanunda disbanded its U.S. salesforce in late 2019 to start work instead with Sonoma-based Vintage Point, who will now provide the salesforce and marketing muscle.

Of the new Vintage Point partnership, Michelle Geber, Managing Director at Château Tanunda, states: “We felt we needed the expertise of a U.S. company, rather than trying to manage sales and the sales team from Australia. Vintage Point has an outstanding track record helping to build numerous high-profile brands in the U.S,. such as Layer Cake, Josh and Mionetto.”

Château Tanunda, in line with the Australian category as a whole, has seen a decline in sales. U.S. sales of Australian wines, measured by volume, were modestly down 2% in 2019, though Australia remains the second largest source of imported wine in the U.S. behind Italy. Hardest hit were large-volume brands. The over-$10 per bottle category, however, experienced an increase of 14.6%, thanks to a renewal of U.S. interest in high-end Australian regional producers. Said Vintage Point President David Biggar: “We are seeing solid double-digit growth trends in Nielsen scan data for the over-$10 Australian category,” adding “We are also very supportive of Wine Australia’s push to support ‘regionality,’ and confident that Château Tanunda’s Grand Barossa tier, line-priced at $16, can compete favorably with many higher priced wines in $20-$40 category.”

Two lines are now available through Vintage Point: Château Tanunda’s Grand Barossa range of five multi- and single variety estate wines, line-priced at $16, including a new 2019 Eden Valley Chardonnay and 2017 Red Blend, set to make their U.S. debuts this year, plus two Old Vines varietals — a “50-Year Old Vines Cabernet Sauvignon” and “100-Year Old Vines Shiraz.”

Emphasis at Château Tanunda is increasingly on reds. One in five wines sold in the U.S. is a Cabernet Sauvignon. That ratio becomes one in four in the $12 to $30 bracket, with most quality California Cabernets priced at $20 and up. Château Tanunda is confident it can outperform and undercut California competition with its $16 Grand Barossa Cabernet Sauvignon.

The entire Grand Barossa line now comes in a new proprietary bottle embossed with an “Established in 1890” wax stamp, as well as a new label that emphasizes “Grand Barossa.” Accounts can choose between buying the wines bottled under cork or with a screwcap closure. Bottle-neckers will also promote the winery’s 130th anniversary.

Grand Barossa / SRP $16Grand Barossa Shiraz 2017

  • Grand Barossa Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 (bottle shot attached)
  • Grand Barossa Red Blend 2017
  • Grand Barossa Dry Riesling 2019
  • Grand Barossa Eden Valley Chardonnay 2019

Old Vines Expressions

  • Château Tanunda 50-Year Old Vines Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 / SRP $75
  • Château Tanunda 100-Year Old Vines Shiraz 2015 / SRP $125



 Chateau Tanunda New Focus in 130th Anniversary